Watchmaking polishing

Polishing for the watchmaking industry

Equipment, toolings, and consumables for polishing in the watchmaking industry

Our experience in the sector and our presence in Switzerland through the exclusive agency SD Swiss Diamant allowed us to develop partnerships with the large watchmaking manufactures.

Our test laboratory has a large knowledge base for this high-precision polishing with extreme requirements relating to the geometry.


We have proven and recognised solutions to :

  • Give various bright aspects to your components
  • Remove defects from the material (scratches, marks, residues, etc.)

The various types of polishing :

  • Mirror polishing
  • Black polishing
  • Brightening
  • Studding

Main materials polished for the watchmaking industry

  • Bronze polishing
  • Brass polishing
  • Gold polishing
  • Silver polishing
  • Platinum polishing
  • Sapphire glass polishing
  • Stainless steel polishing


Highly committed to the watchmaker sector, we are also active in new polishing processes, such as automated polishing and LIG-A.