Sectors of activity

LAM PLAN covers all the needs related to polishing in the industry. You will find hereafter a preview of the topics treated by our customers.


Manufacture of industrial valves and fittings and relief valves intended for sectors of activity such as:

  • chemistry;
  • petrochemistry;
  • nuclear.

Manufacture and maintenance of mechanical seals for the refurbishment of pumps intended for:

  • aeronautical industry;
  • petrochemistry;
  • agro-food industry;
  • hydraulics.

Manufacture and polishing of the part entering in a mechanical system intended for:

  • precision optics (optical mirrors);
  • glass industry;
  • electronics (read head);
  • electromechanics (sensors);
  • watchmaking industry;
  • laser disc.


Polishing of metallographic samples in view of research work on materials or production control work in sectors such as :

  • aeronautics;
  • automobile;
  • nuclear.


Manufacture and maintenance of moulds and toolings intended for sectors of activity such as :

  • plastic injection;
  • jewellry;
  • eyeglass trade;
  • forge (coins, medals).
  • wireworks.