Metallography - Superfinition

The preparation of the samples for the metallographic analysis.

Metallography is a technique which consists of determining a metal’s structure by observing its microstructure with an optical microscope. Depending on the case, information can then be obtained on the metal’s composition, size and shape of the crystallites (grains), phase distribution, and in the case of a deformed sample, the direction of the slip lines (intersection of the slip planes with the surface).

Faced with the constant evolution of the materials and the quality standards, LAM PLAN is a reference partner for the preparation of the samples for the metallographic analysis.

Our technical solutions and our customised methods will ensure you reliable and reproducible results. We are fully committed to the quality of the samples.

The preparation of the samples is the key step of the metallographic analysis ; it requires:

  • A cutting off
  • An embedding
  • A polishing
  • The writing of a customised method..

It is the quality of these operations on which the analysis’s result and its uniformity depend. An alteration of the sample’s surface can falsify the results ! Our method will guarantee you the reproducibility of the sampling (machines, adjustments, process)

The LAM PLAN test laboratory will guarantee you a response adapted to your needs in surface preparation. This service relies on our range of innovative products and our in-depth experience of the various polishing and super finish trades.


Our offer:


A range of machines for the cutting off of the hardest to the softest materials. Cut-off machines with large cutting chamber to cut bars.

A range of cutting wheels with various binders and and abrasives to privilege precision and/or yield.


We propose machines and resins for hot and cold embeddings, as well as various accessories to simplify your manipulations.


A range of technical abrasive papers and our CAMEO® DISK system for pre-polishing the sample and preparing the polishing.

A range of polishing cloths, diamond abrasive suspensions, supports and accessories.


Application fields:

  • Production metallographic check
  • Mechanical subcontracting
  • Surface treatment
  • Certification agencies
  • State-of-the-art sectors: aerospace, nuclear, etc.