Since 1962 LAM PLAN has imposed itself as a real specialist in all the polishing  technologies ; we provide our customers with our scientific competences and our technical know-how to accompany them in an ever finer control of their lapping and polishing problematics.

From research and development to the implementation of recommended high- performance abrasive solutions, our teams deploy each day throughout the world an effective and friendly process with respect to environmental problematics.

The polishing technology requires not only high-quality products, but also methods and an irreproachable service ; this is why our organisation relies on 5 basics:



Machine design

We manufactured all the equipments necessary for the production of your parts.


Design of lapping supports

Plates, abrasive papers, polishing cloths… all the supports which make it possible to obtain the required results.


Design of abrasive solutions

Conventional and diamond abrasive pastes and liquids and formulations adapted to your requirements.


Polishing methods

Development of the process that will allow you to obtain the exact required surface finishing.