Lapping polishing method

Our test laboratory, equipped with the latest equipment, develops each year more than 350 new polishing methods. This tool is at the disposal of LAM PLAN partners and customers. It is animated by technicians specialised in the industrial fields of  polishing : lapping and polishing of mechanical parts, polishing of metallographic samples, polishing and maintaining of moulds.

Indicate your requirements to us ; we will find thanks to our experience the method to allow you to obtain the exact surface condition required. We will take care of the entire process, including the adaptation of your installation so that it meets your new requirements. We have already performed a whole host of tests on very different materials and participated in the research of very varied surface conditions.

Here are a few polishing methods examples – don’t hesitate to contact us for additional  information.


Lapping / polishing

Double side lapping method - printer components FeCo
Lapping method-Gate valve tungsene carbide
Lapping method-mixing plate in bronze
Lapping method-pump body in aluminium
Polishing method - Knee prothesis in CoCr
Polishing method - screw for watch assembly



Metallographic polishing

Aluminium alloys
Copper with Ni Coating
Nickel coated with ceramic (HVOF)
Nodular iron
Stainless steel
Steel-welding control
Steel with nitruration
Steel coated with TEFLON
Titanium and titanium alloys