LAM PLAN, based at Gaillard, France, has been elaborating and manufacturing products for polishing in the industry for more than 50 years.

1962 Creation of LAM PLAN at Annecy by Jacques Broïdo
1967 1st patent : LAM PLAN polishing disc (LAMinated foil to obtain a FLAT disc)
1973 1st MM plate patent
1977 Doser Stick patent
1987 Mr Georges Broïdo becomes Chairman of LAM PLAN
1991 Creation of the subsidiary AQUA LAM Sarl
1991 Certified ISO 9002 - AFAQ
1995 Creation of the subsidiary LAM PLAN Polska - Poland
1995 Development and registration of the Bio DIAMANT trademark
1996 Creation of the subsidiary ASTEC LAM PLAN – Bologna, Italy
1996 Innovation trophy
1998 CAMEO®DISK patent
1999 Filiale AQUA LAM Sarl déménage à Gaillard
2000 The AQUA LAM Sarl subsidiary moves to Gaillard
2003 Launching of the Bio DIAMANT® range perfected by LAM PLAN
2003 Opening of the LAM PLAN UK Office at Harrogate, England
2003 Creation of the subsidiary LAM PLAN Deutschland - Badkreuznach, Germany
2004 Certified ISO 9001 Version 2000 - BVQi
2006 Creation of the subsidiary LAM PLAN Industries
2007 Mrs Marie TROUTOT becomes Chairwoman of LAM PLAN
2009 SPYLAP® patent, a thermal detector for lapping rings
2010 New range of Metallography machines
2011 New generation of VOC-free suspensions, NEODIA® and NEOLAP®
2011 New generation of diamond liquids without VOC, Neodia® and Neolap®, A3TS Innovation Trophy
2012 Launch of the ECOA® range of abrasive solutions for Double Plate machines
2015 Construction of a new 600 m2 building
2016 Implementation of a new ERP, workflow optimization process
2017 Launch of the EVOLAM Ultimate plate