Flat polishing

Flat polishing allows you to obtain a finish (brightness, mirror polished) of the flat surfaces of your components to respond to your technical and aspect objectives.

The obtained surface condition is characterised by a low roughness (0.01 Ra),a brightness which is visually and/or microscopically checked, a flash.

Application fields:

Watchmaking / Jewellry polishing (finish of moving parts and decoration, etc.)
Optoelectronic polishing
Polishing of optical fibres, wafers, lenses
Medical polishing (polishing of prostheses, instrumentations)
Finish of mechanical parts (connectors, automobile, aeronautic, etc.)


Our offer:

A test laboratory Development of specific methods.
Polishing machines A wide range of machines to polish parts of all dimensions in small and large series.
Polishing supports A wide range of polishing cloths and fixing systems.
Abrasives Classic abrasive and diamond slurries/liquids, abrasive compound preparations and finish liquids.
Lubricating fluids For oil or water base.

Polishing solutions for many materials:

  • Steels (stainless steel, treated steels)
  • Titanium
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Precious and semi-precious materials : gold, silver, platinum, etc.
  • Plastics (polycarbonates, teflon)
  • Minerals