Environment - Eco-commitment charter

LAM PLAN is pursuing and maintaining its research and development efforts in favour of the technique and the environment.

Our innovations contribute to the improvement of our products and technologies by rendering them more effective, while reducing their impact on the environment and  limiting the risks to user health.

This responsible and intentional approach is an integral part of our continuous improvement policy.

This choice allows our customers today to anticipate international regulations in terms of occupational safety and ecology.

Thanks to our developments, we are committed to offering you innovative products which allow reconciling performance, quality, safety and respect of future generations.

By way of our values, we assert our commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices.


A few examples

With the new PHENOFREE hot embedding resins, LAM PLAN is pursuing this approach by proposing on the market the first effective alternative to metallographic embedding resins with phenol or liable to release phenol (and/or formaldehyde) during their heating.

Development of new magnetic polishing discs without metallic support : no metallic foil in the support improves, among others, user comfort and safety, and the service life of the discs. The elimination of rigid metallic elements in the supports also limits the quantity of generated waste, facilitating the treatment of these products at the end of life.

LAM PLAN is moving even further ahead with new diamond abrasive suspensions free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).The NEODIA® and NEOLAP® ranges are biodegradable, non toxic and VOC-free ; they conform to the latest laws and have no impact on the greenhouse effect.

For its new diamond abrasive suspension lines, NEODIA® and NEOLAP®, LAM PLAN  decided to use compostable bio-plastic packagings and biodegradable labels.