Diamond lapping

Combination of a LAM PLAN NEW LAM M.M. plate with a BioDIAMANT® NEOLAP® free abrasive.

LAM PLAN innovates with the NEW LAM® M’M’ patented lapping system.

The NEW LAM® M’M’ plate derived from the LAM PLAN abrasion technology uses for its operation a two-component plate associated with a free abrasive. To learn more about our innovation.


Diamond lapping (LAM PLAN) allows:


  • A higher level of finish, a finer roughness.
  • A better control of inherent flatness.
  • A reduction of times and costs.
  • In a single lapping operation, the brightness level required for checks with the monochromatic lamp.


Our offer :

A test laboratory Development of specific methods.

Lapping machines

A wide range of machines to lap parts of all dimensions, in small or large series.
Manual lapping For the lapping of prototypes, small series. A portable block ideal for on-site maintenance operations.

Lapping supports  and lapping machines

Usage of a plate for flat lapping ; lapping machines for the lapping of complex geometric parts or interior lapping.
Abrasives Abrasive slurry/liquid preparations, abrasive compound preparations.
Lubricating fluids For oil or water base.


We propose a training in companies to improve their know-how in the lapping field : Training plan and registration.