Classic lapping

Classic lapping : it is the usage of a cast-iron plate with non-diamond abrasive slurry (aluminium oxide, silicon carbide and other solutions)

The objective being to obtain a surface condition on production parts

Our offer:

A test laboratory Development of specific methods.
Lapping machines A wide range of machines to lap parts of all dimensions.
Accessories Equipment for dosing, maintaining, controlling and cleaning.
Lapping supports Cast-iron plates, ternary alloy blocks.
Abrasives Abrasive slurry/liquid preparations, abrasive compound preparations and abrasive powders.
Lubricating fluids Additives, lubricants and oils


Applications :

  • Surface treatment of machined parts
  • Lapping and super finish in the optical and optoelectronic field (silica, sapphire, other crystals)
  • Roughcast lapping of tightness parts
  • Glazing block to flatten mechanical parts


Our AQUA LAM® range

Ready-to-use solutions with optimised formulations to improve the yield of your lapping operations, improve lubrication, facilitate cleaning.


Our range includes:

Classic abrasives based on silicon carbide, aluminium oxide, cerium oxide, boron carbide, etc. in slurry/liquid preparations, compound preparations, or abrasive powders.

The strong points of the AQUA LAM® range

  • Easy and fast to implement
  • Uniformity of results
  • Constant and stable abrasive films
  • Without dangerous substances
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Practically non-existent odour
  • Great cleaning simplicity