A new generation of diamond products derived from biotechnologies.

Today the preservation of our environment in the industrial context is an absolutely top priority strategic challenge. This is why LAM PLAN has been developing for more than five years super finish diamond products derived from biotechnology under the trademark Bio DIAMANT®.

Bio DIAMANT® combines a wide range of high-quality abrasives :

  • Biodegradable, and without any danger for the environment.
  • Without any dangerous, toxic, harmful or irritant character for users.
  • More effective than classic diamond products.
  • Conform to the European Directives in force.


Diamond abrasive suspensions and slurries :
For the finish of very resistant parts and processes which require very high lapping pressures. The quality and homogeneity of the Bio DIAMANT® preperations ensure consistent results in material removal and surface condition.

To make your metallographic samples. The homogeneous composition of the diamond liquid and the usage of very fine diamond grains allow obtaining a high finish level.


Diamond abrasive pastes :
Composed of unequalled diamond abrasives for prepolishing and polishing work, for example, for state-of-the-art mechanics or electronics.

Diamond abrasive gels :
Cutting power equal to that of pastes, very good fluidity and a high chemical stability. For the polishing of moulds and metallic toolings.

Diamond abrasive pulmatic spray :
Replace classic aerosols ; no propulsion gas ; only the ambient air is manually pumped. Ideal for polishing large surfaces.
Diamond abrasive dosage sticks :
Precise dosing of the diamond paste ; manual usage.