Lapping intervenes for the finish of your mechanical components or the preparation of a polishing operation.

Lapping allows you to obtain a surface condition with a defined roughness and/or inherent flatness. This operation can take place during the production of parts or within the maintenance operations (example : mechanical seals for valves)


We propose two complementary lapping techniques:

Classic lapping Diamond lapping

Usage of cast iron plates on lapping machines with a classic abrasive

Surface condition obtained :
Matte surface, medium roughness - 0.3 Ra

Cost of the supports and abrasives

Usage of LAM PLAN NEW LAM® M'M' plates with diamond abrasives.

Surface condition obtained:
Shining surface, fine roughness -  0.05 Ra

More material removed
Reduced number of operations
Short machining time


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Many applications, particularly in the fields of :

  • Valve tightness (chemistry, petrochemistry, nuclear, etc.)
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Servicing of parts and equipment
  • Valves and fittings
  • ...


Lapping of many materials:

Steel 100C6, treated steel, bronze, silicon carbide, cobalt chromium, brass, gold,  stellite, stainless steel, ceramic, ferrite, hastelloy, etc.

Our test laboratory has one of the most important knowledge bases on the lapping of various materials. This database is permanently enhanced by the performance of tests on new materials and studies conducted to attain new technical or quality requirements.

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